Crafts with Kids: Pencil Stamps



This is a really fun art activity to do with kids from all ages and with materials you probably already have around the house.

Any age will enjoy this creating their own works of art from the eraser end of a pencil.



  • A couple pencils (with erasers!)
  • A stamp kit, we love the washable kinds of course
  • Paper



Place the eraser end of the pencil into the ink, just as you would a stamp and press firmly on the paper



If you're using a stamp pad with more than one color like we are, you might need to have a separate piece of paper to erase between colors. Simply rub the eraser as if you were erasing something on the paper and the ink should come off very quickly so you can move onto the next color



I made an alphabet chart for Henry where he could fill in different colors, but you can also just make any design you choose!



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