TIKKU Talk: Tiny House Has A Car-Sized Footprint



Once your TIKKU has been delivered, however, you’re ready to roll… well, ALMOST ready. According to Casagrande, the average TIKKU can be assembled overnight: won’t your neighbors be surprised the next morning! The structure’s skeleton is made from CLT (cross-laminated timber) at least 10 cm (4 inches) thick which, according to Casagrande, “is sufficient even for cold winters. No added insulation is needed,” even during a Finnish winter. Speaking of which, TIKKU has no provision for a sauna but as mentioned, that’s what local gyms and spas are for.




Mind you, there are other concerns to address when building a home but once again, TIKKU breaks the mold without breaking either the budget or even the ground. “CLT is five times lighter than reinforced concrete,” explains Casagrande. “With normal streets, TIKKU does not require any foundation, it will just simply stand on the street. There is a sandbox in bottom balancing the building.” Like the sands of TIKKU’s sandbox, one might say, these are the days of our future lives. (images and info via WENN, Jenni Gaestgivar/Iltalehti).