Couch Pooh-Tato: Bear Sez ‘Sofa, So Good’


Now most readers (not to mention this writer) might think it’s odd to take a camera to the dump – unless you’re throwing it out – but locals like Stantic know that even the leanest dump is hog heaven for area bears. That means the odds of spotting wild bears are very likely though as with any kind of wildlife, selfies are definitely frowned upon. If you’ve ever seen a bear frown, well, it just might be the LAST thing you see!


Northern Manitoba is Stantic’s old stomping ground so she’s acquired more than a little common sense when it comes to the local wildlife. Besides, she explains, “the town dump isn’t exactly a tourist trap, given that it’s just a big pile of litter, so it’s not somewhere you’d think to take a camera. However, for those aware of the bears that linger around there, it’s worth taking a few snaps. To see one sitting just casual like a human was pretty unique and I had to take a picture.” Or a few, since images like these… bear repeating. (images and info via WENN).