Game Green: School’s 100% Bamboo Sports Hall




Being a natural material, each bamboo plant is slightly different from one another. Therefore, bamboo used in the sports hall’s construction was carefully selected for optimum age and treated with borax salt to preserve it from rot and enhance resistance to moisture. It was stated from the start of the project that NO toxic chemicals were to be used in the treatment process. The treatment isn’t a permanent solution but even so, the life span of the bamboo used to build the sports hall is expected to be beyond 50 years.




“We believe that children should not be afraid of the elements, but intrigued and inspired by them,” according to the mission statement of the Panyaden International School. “By relying on natural ventilation instead of air conditioning, having an environment that encourages barefoot walking and getting your hands dirty, our children learn how they can live in harmony with nature, and how that helps to develop strong bodies and minds.” (images & info via WENN)