Game Green: School’s 100% Bamboo Sports Hall




The completed sports hall covers a floor area of 782 square meters (8,417 sq ft) and has hosted futsal, basketball, volleyball and badminton games. The hall also offers non-sports-related activities thanks to a stage that can be lifted into position automatically. The stage’s backdrop does double-duty as the front wall of a storage room for sports equipment and drama supplies. .



Taking the efficient use of space to the limit, either side of the hall offers upper balconies so that students’ parents and  visitors can comfortably observe sporting events or other types of presented entertainment. All in al, this outwardly modern sports facility is thus incredibly versatile yet its extensive use of natural bamboo provides an exceptionally low carbon footprint – all in line with the “Green School” vision expounded by Panyaden


Two independent engineers were consulted to ensure modern safety standards in regards to loads and shear forces caused by occasional high winds, earthquakes, and other natural forces. The design of Panyaden’s new sports hall works with the extensive use of natural bamboo to encourage a cool and comfortable indoor micro-climate all through the year, season in and season out.  This pleasant natural ventilation in summer and insulation in winter helps safeguard the health of students, teachers and visitors.



Precise engineering that respects the natural properties of bamboo – a traditional and time-honored building material in Thailand. The size of the sports hall is anything BUT traditional, however. Therefore, innovative structural design techniques were required to ensure that newly-developed prefabricated bamboo trusses with a span of over 17 meters (over 55 feet) would offer an acceptable level of security without the use of steel reinforcements or connections. These trusses were pre-built on site; then lifted into position using a crane specially brought to the school for this purpose.