Hot Property: Lava-ly Living At The Phoenix House




Possibilities of fiery doom and gloom aside, Phoenix House has much to offer those who want to get up close and personal with nature at its most primeval. The house offers just 450 square feet of living space but that’s fine, you won’t be bringing a ton of material possessions for a one-night stay. Once inside, Phoenix House provides its guests with a bedroom loft, a cozy living area and a single bathroom. The fully-equipped kitchenette is good to go with a propane stove top, a refrigerator, a set of cooking utensils, a drip coffee maker, and a small dinette table & chairs.

Beach Please




Phoenix House is solar-powered (yeah, running power lines over hot lava is a non-starter) and offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean just four miles away. Don’t expect a typical, peaceful, wave-kissed sandy beach suitable for sunbathing, however. Instead, active lava flows from nearby Kilauea volcano pour into the ocean at the rate of one ton per minute via a 100-foot tall molten rock waterfall.

The Pumice’d Land



“The energy in Hawaii got me thinking about how we live as a culture,” states Will Beilharz of ArtisTree. “For the most part, we live in stationary boxes and complain about the weather changing; yet we are traveling through space at thousands of miles per hour. We’re perched on these tiny pieces of rocks in a vast ocean of movement.” Pretty cool if you think about it… and pretty HOT if you KEEP thinking about it. (via WENN)