WeFood Fights Waste By Selling Expired Food




The United Nations estimates that in global terms, a whopping 1.3 billion tons of food and food-related products are wasted annually. Meanwhile, roughly 800 million people don’t get enough to eat each day. Even in Denmark, ranked 113th in world population, approximately 700,000 tons of food are wasted each year.



WeFood’s recipe for fighting food waste starts at the retail purchase point. While well-intentioned, laws instituted to protect consumers compel retailers to keep damaged and expired produce & products off their shelves – often the only viable alternative is the dumpster. WeFood, on the other hand, makes such items their bread & butter, so to speak. Consumers know what they’re getting and WeFood passes the discounts on acquiring these “unsaleable” items on to the customers.



Don’t think for a minute that WeFood is following the Dollar Store business model, however. “WeFood is the first supermarket of its kind in Denmark… not just aimed at low-income shoppers but anyone who is concerned about the amount of food waste produced in this country,” stated Per Pjerre of DanChurch Aid, the NGO (non-governmental organization) behind WeFood. “Many people see this as a positive and politically correct way to approach the issue,” adds Pjerre, and if one’s daily dinner costs a few dollars less, well that’s just gravy! (images and info via ©WENN.com)