Heaven’s Gaze: Bulgaria’s Eerie “Eyes of God”



It’s possible the earliest people to inhabit the area of the Karlukovo Gorge noted a pair of side-by-side holes in the cave wall that bore a casual resemblance to eyes; subsequently enlarging and shaping them to enhance the eerie effect. Similar enhancements are quite common and include the Fish Rocks near Trona, California. If any modifications have been made to The Eyes of God, however, they’re either exceptionally subtle and/or extremely ancient.




We mentioned that Prohodna cave has a main entrance but it’s not the only way into the cave: a smaller entryway can be found roughly opposite the larger main entrance. In addition to providing optimum views of The Eyes of God, the main entrance just happens to be ideal for bungee jumping, so much do in fact that a good proportion of the tourists who visit the cave do so with the express purpose of doing so.




In these images taken on Sunday, June 21st of 2015, bungee jumpers are seen leaping from precarious perches set above Prohodna cave’s main entrance. Do the jumpers feel fear along with the thrills and excitement inherent in the sport? Why should they… after all, The Eyes of God are upon them. (images and info via Impact Press Group/WENN.com)