Mewgaroo Hoodie Puts Pets n Your ‘Hood

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According to Satomi Ando, brand manager and product planner of Unihabitat (founded by Be-s Co.,Ltd), many pet owners were experiencing a “good problem” when their pets would climb onto their laps and demand attention, massages, or just a warm place to crash.

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Since human laps weren’t really designed to hold relaxed pets safely and securely, however, he recognized the need for some solution that would give both pets and pet owners an added sense of security while reinforcing the bond that comes with physical closeness.

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The result? Mewgaroo, the hoodie that doubles as a pet holder! Unihabitat designed Mewgaroo to be worn like a sweatshirt from the pet owner’s perspective; a snug and comforting cocoon from the pet’s POV. For the sake of cleanliness, convenience and item longevity, the pouch’s liner can be removed for washing separately as required.

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Since Mewgaroo is all about fun as well as function, Unihabitat adds a pair of cute “nekomimi” cat ears to the Mewgaroo’s hood – only on the Medium size, not the Large size. As well, the sleeve ends extend into demi-gloves with cat paw markings so the wearer’s fingers can stay warm during extended keyboard & mouse sessions. Demand is high for the only-in-grey Mewgaroo but interested buyers can place pre-orders at the White Rabbit Express product page; filled when new stock arrives. (images and info via Unihabitat/