Monkeyshines: Spooky Animal X-Ray Lampshades

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Now 42, Vain has crafted over thirty unique lampshades made from old x-rays (“ex-x-rays”?) though about ninety percent of them feature animal x-rays. This is because (a) she’s currently employed as a veterinary oncology technician and (b) human x-ray lampshades are, well, kind of creepy. It should be mentioned that Vain harbors a deep love and respect for animals and her work at a Los Angeles-area veterinary hospital involves managing chemotherapy regimens for beloved but sickly pets. Vain is also the loving owner of three Chihuahuas, two of which only have three legs, but that’s another story for another time.

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Vain markets her animal x-ray lampshade creations via the self-founded @XrayVisionDesigns. It can take up to a month to construct an x-ray lampshade & lamp; the lamp bodies Vain uses are recycled and reconditioned from discarded lamps that must be stripped, sanded and primed. As her business grow and demand for her lamps increases, Vain plans to weld and construct the lamps from scratch.

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At this point you’re likely pawing at your monitor, tablet or smartphone screen mumbling “shut up and take my money!” so here are the pertinent details: Spike Vain’s x-ray lampshades are priced from $375 and up while a complete floor lamp is in the $2,000 range. Count on waiting about a month for your order(s) to be filled.

@XrayVisionDesigns items – including night lights, jewellery and bookmarks – are available to purchase at, by visiting her websites at and (All images via @XrayVisionDesigns/