Parked Park: Taiwan’s Greenest Parking Lot

CMP Block 6 

The passage of seasons and the growth of vegetation along with some encouraging landscaping has enlisted the vehicles in a curious merger of “art, aesthetics and nature.” It is said the park as a whole combines Local Culture and Daily-Life Art as the main concept which, as viewed within a park-like environment, provides “new creative culture and life choice for the new generation of Taiwanese.”

CMP Block 7

The two vehicles appear from a distance as if some tragic accident had left them abandoned in an algae-choked pond. Closer in, it can be seen that the cars are surrounded by a system of floodlights that illuminates them by night.

CMP Block 8

CMP Block 9

While the vehicles’ side windows have been removed to encourage the ingress of plant life, their windshields and backlights are intact – ditto for elements of the headlights and turn signal lamps barely visible above ground level. One wonders how long these fragile components will remain unharmed by unsupervised park visitors, night lighting notwithstanding.