Fat Cute Soldiers: Obesity Invades The Army!

Fat Cute Soldiers 7

One chubby soldier dubbed “Calorie Boy” munches on a donut as he salutes an unseen superior officer. Is that a jelly donut, Private Pyle? “Honey Sniper” carries his cutlery tucked into his uniform belt. Y’never know when an enemy apple pie is within your sights, amiright?

Fat Cute Soldiers 8

Fat Cute Soldiers 9

Number 8 in the series, “Coffee Breaker”, has called a personal truce while nom-nom-nomming on a cookie. Forget Full Metal Jacket, this is more like Four Meal Junket. So, do Fat Cute Soldiers provide the wrong impression for today’s impressionable youth? Nah… today’s kids don’t play with actual toys anymore, they’re too busy conducting war games online while munching fried snacks washed down with HFCS-infused soft drinks. What, we worry? (all images via T-ARTS)