Ice Can See You: 7 Amazing Cold & Creepy Iceberg Faces

Snowblind Friends

Iceberg Face Illulisat Icefiord Greenland

Safe harbor? Not here, matey! Flickr user Marlene W1lson was in the right place at the right time – the Illulisat Icefiord in Vestgronland, GL, on August 15th of 2005 – when the spectacular frozen visage above loomed out of the arctic mist. “This face was probably short-lived,” explains W1lson, “as it was on a leading edge of a floating berg at the end of the fjord where it gets shallower. It was probably rolled over on it’s face very quickly.” An ignominious end to an incredible pareidoliac iceberg!

cat iceberg pareidolia

Let’s close on a lighter note (as if anything could be darker and more disturbing) by taking a turn in the cat-berg seat! As displayed along with some helpful outlining that really isn’t necessary – let pareidolia do its thing, people! – this decidedly feline berg proves without a doubt Mother Nature has a thing for lolcats just like the rest of us. One might even say… she thinks they’re really cool.