Ice Can See You: 7 Amazing Cold & Creepy Iceberg Faces

Frozen Glances

iceberg face Cape Dorset pareidolia

It would seem Matthew & Michele, our iceberg aces from The M & M of Cape Dorset, have an eye for examples of iceberg pareidolia. The somewhat Shakespearean berg above evokes a meditative Richard III vibe as it moodily contemplates the prospect of slowly melting and melding with the frigid Atlantic Ocean.

Kseniia Maiukova dragon iceberg Antarctica

When’s a fire-breathing dragon its own worst enemy? When it’s an iceberg floating near Peterman Island just off the Antarctic Peninsula. “One evening while on a tourist trip there were seven of us on a zodiac boat in the bay surrounded by icebergs,” explains Kseniia Maiukova, who photographed the bizarre ice formation. “There were dozens of them all around us, all of different shapes and sizes it was a really amazing view and a feeling very hard to describe with words. This dragon-shaped iceberg attracted my sight from the beginning – in fact almost all seven of us noticed it at once and started to photograph it. At first we thought it looked a bit like a thumb – then when we got back on land it suddenly became clear it looks exactly like a dragon.”