Ice Can See You: 7 Amazing Cold & Creepy Iceberg Faces

iceberg faces pareidolia

Blame it on pareidolia but there’s something creepy about the frozen glares on these iceberg faces. Just be glad they can only move at a glacial pace.

Dark Knight, Eyes Cold Stare

iceberg face Batman

From time immemorial people have seen faces in clouds, the Man In The Moon and other perceived familiar objects where no such thing should or could exist. In modern times this phenomenon, called Pareidolia, has manifested itself in the so-called “Face On Mars”. Icebergs – randomly carved by wind, water and temperature – are also prime candidates for pareidolia, especially when the faces or other forms they seem to display coincide with a current subject of popular culture… like, say, Batman! The above bat-berg was spied by Newfoundlander Mike Parsons after it ran aground in the Canadian province’s Little Bay Islands

. grumpy old man iceberg Antarctica

You’ve heard of Grumpy Cat? Meet his older & colder rival, Grumpy Berg. Espied by a crewman on a tall ship sailing through Antarctic waters between Barros Rocks and Berthelot Island, the startling visage is the result of a fortuitous conjunction of the partially-melted iceberg coinciding with the viewer’s ideal sightline.

grumpy old man iceberg cthulhu

It takes just a bit more imagination to fill in the rest of Grumpy Berg’s physique, attire and activity. Yep, it’s about what you’re figuring.

iceberg Cape Dorset pareidolia

The annual spring thaw sends countless icebergs serenely sailing from Greenland’s glaciers south along Canada’s eastern coast. Very few, however, have sailed as serenely as the figurehead berg above. The images above were captured in transit one day in August of 2013 by The M & M of Cape Dorset, who likened the iceberg’s distinctive “face” to that of the shadowy freedom fighter from the film V For Vendetta.