Rootless: Seven Seedy Abandoned Garden Centers

abandoned garden centers

Overgrown at the memory bank? No share in the soils of war? The bloom's definitely off the roses at these seven seedy abandoned garden centers.

Thumbs Down

abandoned Green Thumb garden center

Kudos to Flickr user Derek Lyons for documenting the sorry state of the Green Thumb Garden Center near Sequim, Washington. Lyons visited in late August of 2010 and although the place looks reasonably kempt (is "kempt" a word, as in "not unkempt"?), the sign out front still advertises Master Charge… which became MasterCard in 1979.

abandoned Green Thumb garden center

So what if the trademark water features have run dry and an on-site bridge to nowhere would make Sarah Palin proud, it probably wouldn't take much to give Green Thumb the thumb's up for a second go-round. It might take too much green of another type, however, and we're talking about the type that doesn't grow on trees.

Rotten In Denmark

abandoned garden center Denmark

Uexplorer from Dereliction Addiction was fortunate to photo-document this abandoned garden center in Denmark before it was torn down completely by a company building apartments. It's estimated the garden center was abandoned for about a year before Uexplorer took these images in late September of 2009, and aside from scattered broken glass the place doesn't look all that shabby.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Ohio Boulevard abandoned garden center

Credit Devin of Drippyfingers for the tragic triptych of garden center desolation above. The photographer chanced upon the abandoned Boulevard Gardens somewhere in south-central Ohio back in May of 2010. Nestled off the banks of the "Mighty Olentangy River," this garden center has seen better days and will likely see much worse ones. Don't shop there for all your Plant & Garden Upplies needs.