Supplanted: 8 Overgrown & Abandoned Greenhouses

Falling For You

Supplanted: 8 Overgrown & Abandoned Greenhouses(images via: Hardy Wilson)

Photographer Hardy Wilson knows how to add warmth to an otherwise chill and lonely setting, and by "warmth" we mean Wilson's photogenic friend Silvia. The pair visited an abandoned greenhouse complex in Richmond, California, in late September of 2010. The combination of natural autumnal Pacific coast sunlight complemented by the timeless beauty of the human smile just can't be beat!

Tunnel Of Lost Love

Supplanted: 8 Overgrown & Abandoned Greenhouses(image via: Destroyed and Abandoned)

This greenhouse in Carencro, Louisiana seems to have been abandoned rather recently – the translucent panels of its domed roof are mainly intact and what plants that can be seen appear to be thriving, though not overly so. Still, we all know things go downhill from this point and knowing the Gulf Coast's stifling climate (and oft-inclement weather) the fate of this greenhouse is, shall we say, transparently obvious.