Supplanted: 8 Overgrown & Abandoned Greenhouses

Supplanted: 8 Overgrown & Abandoned Greenhouses

Once aglow with life and light, these 8 abandoned greenhouses now languish in a decaying limbo where the only bright sparkle comes from scattered broken glass.

A Greenhouse Goes In Brooklyn

Supplanted: 8 Overgrown & Abandoned Greenhouses(images via: New York Times, Ty Cacek, Lost City and Green-Wood)

For well over a century, the McGovern-Weir greenhouse has occupied the corner of 5th and 25th Streets in Brooklyn's Greenwood heights neighborhood. Perhaps the business's proximity to the main entrance of historic Green-Wood Cemetery helped it thrive for so many years. All good things must come to an end, as they say in the cemetery biz, and the McGovern-Weir greenhouse is no different: despite being declared an NYC landmark in 1982, it just wasn't viable economically in the modern age.

No Providence

Supplanted: 8 Overgrown & Abandoned Greenhouses(image via: The Alternative Press, Jennie Russo)

An abandoned greenhouse located off Division Avenue in New Providence, New Jersey, has been abandoned for well over 20 years. “The owner of the greenhouse is long gone so it has just been sitting there for years, disintegrating,” said local resident and small business owner Gary Kapner. Local teens who hang out in the area have strewn the site with trash and covered the walls with graffiti. Ironically they're only bright colors visible at the overgrown site these days.

Jungle Parked

Supplanted: 8 Overgrown & Abandoned Greenhouses(images via: Michael John Grist)

Jungle Park, located on Japan's Izu peninsula south of Tokyo, was an ambitious venture that sought to combine the allure of a theme park with the pastoral beauty of a tropical greenhouse. The complex opened in 1969 and was surprisingly successful, given that Izu is hot and humid during the summer and spending hours inside a gigantic greenhouse greatly magnifies the climate to near-Venusian proportions. Jungle Park closed in 2003 and has remained abandoned and extensively overgrown ever since.