Jumping Brains: The Smartest Frogs In The Room

The Jumping Brain frog from visual artist Emilio Garcia has made the leap from creepy/cute concept design to a neuro-urban merchandising phenomenon.

A Reason For Resin

(image via: The Red L’Adie)

Born near Barcelona in 1981, Emilio Garcia left a successful multimedia career to start Secret Lapo Laboratories, a private and self-run artistic space where Garcia could experiment with plastic resins unhindered by distraction.

Croak Of Dawn

(images via: Vinyl Pulse and Collect3d)

Garcia’s first major success was the Jumping Brain, a curious and somewhat disturbing (to some) sculpture that melded the unique and subtle convolutions of the human cerebral cortex with the familiar resting posture of a frog.

Leap Of The Imagination

(image via: Toy Art Gallery)

Certainly the world had seen nothing like the Jumping Brain before, and Garcia’s initial models became an overnight sensation bolstered by widespread viral sharing over the internet.