The World’s 7 Most Amazing Bamboo Charcoal Products

Bamboo charcoal… is there nothing it can’t do? Get black at home with these 7 amazing anti-microbial, odor-absorbing, eco-friendly bamboo charcoal products!

Bamboo Charcoal Fast Food

(images via: BurgerBusiness, Best Penang Food and Curious Eats)

Is America ready for fast food noir? Louisiana celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme made “blackened” recipes a household name but as yet, more typical fast food hasn’t succumbed to the dark side’s siren song. The rest of the world has no problems with bamboo charcoal infused bargain meals, however. From the Franco-Belgian Quick burger chain to sidewalk burger-flippin’ kiosks in Malaysia to Japan’s Akihabara, bamboo charcoal is eclipsing white processed flour as a bun ingredient… and in Tokyo, at least, it’s been used to blacken the meat between those buns as well!

(image via: Curious Eats)

Check out the six-buck, foot-long, Black Terra Hot-Dog above. No matter that the frankfurter appears to be the victim of a timing accident at a summer camp weeny roast (hey, we’ve all been there), the bamboo charcoal fortified sausage has actually helped boost sales at Vegas Premium Hot-Dogs in Akihabara.

Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste

(images via: and Taketora)

Anyone nom-nom-nomming down black charcoal burgers and hotdogs might be concerned whether all that charcoal has left their pearly whites looking, well, not so pearly. Fear not; the cure for blackened bicuspids is a little hair-of-the-dog: bamboo charcoal toothpaste! Popular in the far east, bamboo charcoal toothpaste promises to absorb unsightly stains while banishing bacteria with its famed anti-microbial properties.

Bamboo Charcoal Soap

(images via: Two Little Blackbirds and All About Bamboo)

Those of a certain age might recall novelty soap, sold on the back pages of comic books, that would turn the user’s hands black as they washed with it. Good times! Fast-forward a half century or so and black soap is not only acceptable, it’s marketed as being beneficial. Various brands of activated bamboo charcoal soap are touted for being naturally anti-bacterial and – wonder of wonders – they won’t turn users’ skin the color of squid’s ink.

(image via: Claire Organics)

According to one manufacturer, the bamboo charcoal in their soap will naturally deodorize, detoxify and cleanse the skin, absorb gases, heavy metals and chemicals, all the while adding a unique decorative touch to any designer bathroom. We assume this goes double for the gorgeous bars of soap above that partner bamboo charcoal with goat milk.