Spark My Spokes: 7 Amazingly Cool Electric Bikes

So electric bicycles are a thing… but make no mistake, they’re no passing fad. Speedy, silent and emissions-free, e-bikes are in it for the long run.

Cykno Vintage Electric Bicycle

(image via: DesignalmiC)

Featuring leather, carbon fiber, aluminum and stainless steel wrapped around a powerful electric motor, the Cykno Vintage Electric Bicycle combines the best features of vintage and modern design. Designer Luca Scopel and engineer Bruno Greppi evoked the exciting early days of racing bikes and motorcycles by mounting a single large headlight while sturdy spoke wheels and whitewall tires add a fulsome dash of classic chic.

(images via: The Coolist and DesignalmiC)

After just 4 hours of charging from a standard household electric outlet, the Cykno Vintage Electric Bicycle is ready to provide up to 60km of pedal-assist cruising. Choose from 250-watt or 500-watt lithium polymer batteries; both are mounted internally to provide weather protection and keep the bike’s timeless style intact.

Yike Bike

(image via: YikeBiker)

Nineteenth-century Penny Farthing bicycles were designed for a reason: the bike’s seemingly mismatched front and rear wheels were designed to cope with the era’s poorly surfaced and heavily pot-holed roads. A century of progress still finds bicycle riders coping with imperfect riding surfaces so an eBike like the Yike Bike makes perfect sense as a high-tech Penny Farthing update. The Yike Bike can take riders up to 10km on a 2-hour charge of its integral lithium battery and once you’ve arrived, simply fold it up and carry it away. Unlike the old Penny Farthing, the Yike Bike sports accelerator and brake pedals, light-up turn signals, and an odd riding position that puts the rider IN FRONT of the handlebars. Jolly good!

VeloMini Folding Electric Bicycle

(images via: and VeloMini)

Being green is good, being convenient at the same time? Priceless! The VeloMini Folding Electric Bicycle is most definitely green though it does come in a wealth of attractive colors. As for convenience, the cleverly engineered anodized aluminum frame folds down to a mere 18″ in height (and 31 lbs in weight) and once folded, fits neatly into it’s own carrying case.

(image via: Tuvie)

The VeloMini Folding Electric Bicycle is an ideal urban or suburban commuter vehicle, though as with all eBikes you’ll want to check the weather forecast before heading out. Power comes from a 180-watt brushless hub motor capable of propelling the bike and rider at speeds up to 12 mph (19 km/h). The bike’s 24v, 6AH lithium-ion battery is concealed within the frame and requires only 3 hours for a full charge “fill-up”.