Perm Whales: 7 Amazing Unexpected Curly-Haired Animals

Curly-Haired Horse

(image via: Curly Country Ranch)

Bashkir Curlies (also known as American Bashkir Curlies or North American Curly Horses) are an American breed though they have been historically documented by Charles Darwin in South America and via ancient artwork from Central Asia – where the “Bashkir” comes from. The curliness of these horses’ coats is the result of a rare but dominant gene.

(images via: Stag Creek Farm and Horse and Man)

The origin of the modern curly-coated horse can be traced to the western United States, where is was noted only curly-haired wild horses were able to survive the harshest winters. Curly coats don’t get all the credit – these horses are generally hardy and strong. Riders who are allergic to the coats of ordinary horses may find welcome relief riding a Bashkir Curly as this horse’s hair lacks a certain protein responsible for causing allergic reactions in humans.

Curly-Haired Dog

(image via: Caspost)

Curly-haired dogs are anything but unusual, unless we’re talking about the Komondor. This large, light-colored Hungarian dog takes curliness from the realms of cute poodledom to near-Rastafarian proportions. Is it any wonder they’re sometimes called “mop dogs”? The classic corded coats of Komondor dogs harken back to their origins in chilly, mountainous Tibet. many centuries ago, these dogs were refined by the nomadic Cuman people (Komondor roughly translates to “Cuman Dog”) who migrated west to Europe as did the Avars, Huns and Mongols. These days, the Komondor is considered a national treasure of Hungary and a prized pet for appreciative owners who don’t mind the maintenance required to keep them looking great.