Faster Food: 8 Amazing Aids For On-The-Move Eaters

Fast food not fast enough? These 8 amazing aids for on-the-move eaters aim to add even more convenience to meals made to be dispensed, digested and disposed of.

Burger King’s Hands-Free Whopper Holder

(images via: Daily Mail, What’s Your Point? and Free Republic)

Say it ain’t so! As much as we wanted (and still do want) the Hands-Free Whopper Holder to be an actual, available, affordable addition to our fast food lifestyle, Burger King has admitted the device was merely the centerpiece of a remarkably successful promotional campaign. The original intent was to help celebrate the burger chain’s 50th anniversary of their first store opened in Puerto Rico back in 1963.

(image via: The Dirty Diaper)

The company’s amusingly over-the-top advertisements soon eclipsed the campaign’s point, however, and soon grabbed the spotlight on their own merits. Eventually, Burger King had to officially admit the device was fictitious, stating “The video featuring a ‘hands-free’ Whopper Sandwich holder was produced by an agency in Puerto Rico to celebrate the brand and the iconic Whopper Sandwich in a humorous way. However, the product depicted in the spot was not produced, or distributed to guests as some reports indicate.” This is bad news for Whopper-lovers but good news for those who retain hope for the future of civilized society.

Burger Fuel’s Doofer

(images via: Charlie Brewer)

Full props to Flickr user Charlie Brewer for the tantalizing triptych of imagery above featuring the Doofer from antipodean chain Burger Fuel. This helpful and ultimately disposable cardboard creation is made to fit the south end of a massive Burger Fuel burger going north. Hands and clothing remain mainly clean, toppings stay on top, and customers aren’t short-changed on various drippings and droppings ’cause they neither drip nor drop. For those disdainfully shaking their judgmental heads at the thought of eating a 1/3-pound cheeseburger for lunch, give the guy a break… and note the Diet Coke he’s washing it down with.

BBQ Chicken’s Col-Pop

(image via: The Village Voice)

Dubbed “The Future of Fast-Food Technology” when it rose to international notice in 2008, the Col-Pop was introduced by South Korean chicken chain BBQ Chicken as a cleverly convenient way to put chicken nuggets and soda pop in the same container without being disgusting.

(images via: Serious Eats and ANNimal House)

Somewhat resembling a two-stage rocket, the Col-Pop features a plastic dish that rests on a soft drink cup’s rim. A slight indentation allows a straw to access the cool soda below while the hot chicken awaits above, high and dry. As you might guess, the key to the Col-Pop’s success is in consuming the hot chicken and cool soda quickly so the two don’t exchange heat to disagreeable levels.