Garden Variety No More: 7 Amazing Unusual Rakes

Charting the rake’s progress from garden tool to astronomical aid is not unlike a journey from our agricultural roots to a future scratched out of alien soil.

Shag Carpet Rake

(image via: Freeze-Frame)

It’s baaack… no, not the poltergeist from Poltergeist but thick and luxurious shag carpet! Yes, the latter is almost as scary as the former, especially when it comes to cleaning. Did you know you should never use your vacuum’s beater-bar option when cleaning shag carpeting? Doing so “may cause the yarns to ‘feather out’ or lose their twist, resulting in pilling or fuzzing” according to The Carpet and Rug Institute. In a related vein, there is a Carpet and Rug Institute.

(images via: Krisrael, VacPartsPlus and Carpetology)

The best solution for keeping shag rugs and carpeting clean AND showroom-shaggy is to use a Pilator – basically a glorified rake one uses on their shag carpets in a rake-like fashion. Hmm, maybe that’s why shag rugs faded out along with Avocado and Harvest Gold appliances.

Vintage Rake Necklace Rack

(image via: Be Different Act Normal)

Here’s one rake rack that’ll never see a shred of grass nor a spot of soil: the Vintage Rake Necklace Display from Twig Home. This re-purposed rack’s raking days have long since past and in its well-deserved retirement the vintage farm & garden tool now serves quite a different function: holding the jeweled necklaces of the rich and famous – or of you and I, as the case may be.

Oster Undercoat Rake

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FURminator vs Oster Rake… coming soon on Syfy! Just kidding, but the Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake is quite real though some of its features and the descriptive text used on its product page at Amazon do seem more than a little sci-fi-ish. “Easily removes dead undercoat with minimal cutting, Double Row Rotating Teeth, Creates the look of hand-stripped finish in minutes…” hey, that last one can’t be right!

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There are many different types of Oster Rakes as evidently it’s difficult to design a “one rake fits all” fur-gatherer suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs, cats or whatever other fur-bearin’ varment that needs a good brush down. On the bright side, who wouldn’t want their pet to display the look of a hand-stripped finish with a mere few minutes of effort?