Check This Out: 7 Amazing Checkered Creatures

Checkered Whiptail Lizard

Check This Out: 7 Amazing Checkered Creatures(images via: Reptiles and Amphibians of Colorado and Michael Shepard)

The Checkered Whiptail lizard (Aspidoscelis tesselatus) is a day-active, insect-eating reptile found in the southwestern United States (mainly Colorado, Texas and New Mexico) and in several states of northern Mexico. Growing to about 4 inches in length, Checkered Whiptails display dark brown or black blotches against a pale tan or yellowish background with the blotches arranged in a rough checkered pattern.

Check This Out: 7 Amazing Checkered Creatures(image via: J. N. Stuart)

Checkered Whiptail lizards reproduce by parthogenesis, that is, asexually without the need for a male mate. Females lay up to eight unfertilized eggs in mid summer and the progeny hatch in about six to eight weeks. Credit Flickr user J. N. Stuart with the choice Checkered Whiptail lizard photo above.

Checkerboard Bonnet Shell

Check This Out: 7 Amazing Checkered Creatures(images via: Conchology, Inc. and S O W N)

The Checkerboard Bonnet Shell (Phalium areola) is a sea snail of the family Cassidae consisting of Helmet and Bonnet shells. Unlike the shells of Checkered Nerite snails, Checkerboard Bonnet Shells exhibit a sort of reverse-check pattern consisting of isolated yet regular dark caramel brown square spots against a much lighter background. The shells are fairly large as sea snails go, with adult snails building shells from 35 mm and 130 mm (about 1.5 to just over 5 inches) in length.

Check This Out: 7 Amazing Checkered Creatures(image via: René)

Checkerboard Bonnet Shells are predatory and if the concept of a predatory snail doesn’t instill a sense of fear, you must not be a sea urchin. These gastrpods attack their spiny prey by attaching themselves to the otherwise formidably equipped echinoderm’s foot; then dissolving the urchin’s shell with an acidic secretion. Humans can purchase naturally harvested and cleaned Checkerboard Bonnet Shells online from dealers… if adding a South Seas aura to your decor is your passion, then “check” this one off your list!