Micro-Dorms: Tiny Houses Popular on College Campuses

Could eco-friendly micro houses for students on college campuses offer cheaper, healthier, more private lodging than standard dorms? Some colleges are giving it a shot, like the University of Lund in Sweden. Tengbom Architects have designed a modern wooden pod-like house that’s definitely as tiny as a living space can comfortably get, but surprisingly functional, and definitely good for the environment.

The micro dorm measures less than 10 square meters in size but includes a sleeping area, a kitchen, a desk and a bathroom. It’s made of locally-sourced wood and is cheap enough to build that it could be rented for 50% less than standard dorms.

Some students might prefer the more social nature of community dorms, but others could benefit from the privacy and quiet afforded by individual units like this – not to mention the access to nature, which isn’t typical in most dorm complexes.

While it’s not actually available to students just yet, it’s on display at the Virserum Museum until December 8th, so the public can take a look. Check out 13 more modern, mobile and modular tiny house designs.