Fab Tree Hab: Living, Ecosystem-Integrated Dwellings

What if human architecture could blend in so seamlessly with the surrounding world, that it became a part of nature itself?  Terreform One architecture studio envisions this scenario with ‘Fab Tree Hab,’ a prefabricated dwelling that is grafted into shape at the base of a tree trunk.

The structure would be a living, growing form born from native trees and composed of 100% living nutrients so it can fit into its ecosystem in a sort of symbiotic relationship. “Here traditional anthropocentric doctrines are overturned and human life is subsumed within the terrestrial environs,” write the designers.

“This home concept is intended to replace the outdated design solutions at Habitat for Humanity. We propose a method to grow homes from native trees. A living structure is grafted into shape with prefabricated Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) reusable scaffolds. Therefore, we enable dwellings to be fully integrated into an ecological community.”

We have seen some interesting examples of ‘tree art’ before, where trees are grafted into strange and unusual shapes. Check out Axel Erlandson’s ‘Circus Trees,’ which can be seen in Santa Cruz, California, as well as the incredible ‘pooktre’ shapings of Peter Cook and Becky Northey.