The Lobster Pod: Unusual Low-Cost Tiny House

With an unusual curving design, the Lobster Pod is a low-cost tiny house that could be used for extra accommodations, as a backyard office, a garden shed or a remote nature getaway. Cozy and compact, it features two bunk beds for kids and a double bed for adults. It’s insulated with sheep’s wool to make it cozy in all weather, and has a large double-glazed porthole window to enable occupants to take in the views.

Manufactured in Ireland and the U.K., the Lobster Pod is certainly compact at 10 by 13 feet, but its high ceiling gives it a spacious feel inside. It can be customized to suit your specific needs with electric, gas or wood heat solar panels, a heated shower and a chemical, composting or flushing toilet.

The Lobster Pod is just one of many interesting tiny house designs. Far from a trend, the tiny house movement is encouraging many people to live with less, freeing themselves from the physical and financial burdens of owning a larger home and often giving them freedom to travel. Curious about how they make it work? Check out 27 space-saving tips and tricks for tiny houses.