Magical Place for Learning: Nest Tree House Education Center

Humans will soon get to experience what it’s like to be a bird nesting high in the trees as part of the new rainforest canopy walkway at The Eden Project. The Biodiversity Nest Treehouse was inspired by the ‘weaver bird’, with its intricate woven design spiraling around a base of poles.

The nest was designed by Blueforest, a company known for its stunning treehouses, in collaboration with Jerry Tate Architects. It will be made of wooden and steel framed decks, situated in the center of a rainforest canopy. The nest will be used as an education space, connected to the rest of the walkway with bridges spanning over 50 feet.

The Rainforest Biome will be Europe’s leading rainforest education resource when completed. Preview tours begin in June 2013 to explore the sections that are already finished. The walkway stretches through the rainforest canopy to give visitors a thrilling treetop experience usually limited only to the creatures that live within these forests in the wild.

Future additions include an interactive weather station where visitors learn about how rainforests control the world’s climate, and a fruit bar high up in the treetops. Learn more at