Build Your Own Adorable Handmade Tiny Tack House

Handmade Tiny Tack House 1

If the prospect of living a simpler, mortgage-free lifestyle appeals to you, building your own tiny house might be a tempting option. And with more people choosing to go this route, the internet is full of photos, plans and other forms of inspiration. Take, for example, the Tiny Tack House built by Malissa and Chris Tack.

Handmade Tiny Tack House 2

Entirely handmade, this charming 140-square-foot home in Snohomish, Washington cost just $20,000 to build, using sustainably sourced wood and salvaged materials. The home was built on a seven-by-twenty-foot, dual-axle trailer, so it can be moved around from one location to the next.

Handmade Tiny Tack House 3

Handmade Tiny Tack House 4

The Tiny Tack House includes a full kitchen and bathroom located beneath the sleeping loft, as well as a built-in couch. The house has eleven windows, including a skylight, so it's full of natural daylight. Dormers offer extra storage space and head room in the loft.

Handmade Tiny Tack House 5

Intrigued? The Tacks offer detailed plans for their house, so you can recreate one of your own. Check them out at