Easel Weasels: 8 Amazing Artistic Animals

Will Paint For Fish

(images via: Trendhunter)

If someone said one of the creatures at the UK’s Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park was an accomplished artist, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was, like, a dinosaur. The reality is only slightly less surreal: park residents Morgan and Arrow are sea lions, and they like to paint.

(image via: Online Travel Blog)

According to Wildlife Park staffers, six year-old Morgan and three year-old Arrow have learned to hold brushes in their mouths, then dip said brushes in their choice of paint and apply the media to canvas. Given the option, the sea lions’ paintings reflect their moods with their favorite colors being red and orange.

Bruin Period

(images via: The Buttonwood Tree)

When the Beardsley Zoo near New Haven, Connecticut decided to devote the entire month of April 2012 to an Art by Animals exhibition, the zoo’s resident creatures got their brushes lined up and prepared to bear down… especially the bears. If the colorful composition above is any indication, then you’d have to say they made an Ursa Major effort.