Simple and Beautiful Bamboo-Frame Homes in Indonesia

Architect Yori Ansar of Angerang, Indonesia has been nominated for the AGA Khan Prize for Architecture shortly after winning the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation for his work with the Rebo community in Flores Island, Indonesia. Ansar has helped to preserve the vernacular architecture of the area, taking young designers to remote villages to learn more about the building methods of indigenous peoples.

These methods of construction have been tested over hundreds of years, made specifically for that particular geographic area using materials found on-site. The young designers are invited to stay in, renovate and build these homes, taking that knowledge and potentially applying it to more modern forms of architecture in their own work.

The ‘Worok’ homes of Indonesia are conical buildings made of wood and bamboo that has been tied together. Ansar’s project started when his group of touring architects noted there were only four of these structures left standing on Flores Island, and two were damaged. So, the group set out to preserve the typology.

University students and the community came together to rebuild the homes and create new ones, passing down these building techniques to new generations. See more photos at Design Boom.