Charming Dome House in Thailand Built For Just $8,000

Thai Dome House 1

Not only is this dome house made of natural materials totally adorable, it was built for just $8,000 in a mind-boggling six weeks. Builder Steve Areen designed and built his home on an organic mango farm in Thailand. With its rounded doors and overall shape, all this dome home needs is a little more grass on the roof and it’ll be like a tropical hobbit house.

Thai Dome House 2

The speed of the building process was certainly aided by the fact that Thailand doesn’t require building permits, but it’s also largely due to the ease of working with earth plaster over locally made bricks. The home also measures just 500 square feet, which is a lot smaller than most Americans are accustomed to, but cozy and livable.

Thai Dome House 3

Photos of the Dome House reveal a warm and inviting space with roof cutouts that bring in natural lighting, and lots of custom details like built-in surfaces. The experience of building his own home has led Areen to start building similar homes for others; find out more at his website.

Thai Dome House 4

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