Valentine’s Felines: 7 Cats Who Really Show Their Love

Loving You Back

(image via: Cutestlife/Shin)

Fold a heart in half and you’ve got two identical halves which, one their own, aren’t half a heart upon first glance. Put ’em together, however, and the whole is much more than the sum of the heart parts. These two cute “cow cat” kittens may neither know or care about such philosophical musings but one thing’s clear: when your friend’s got your back, love can suddenly appear.

Kitty Of Motherly Love

(images via: Life In The Fast Lane)

When this one-of-kind kitten was born on Easter Sunday of 2008, the message was unmistakeable: I Heart Dot. Was it pure coincidence the kitten’s mother’s name was Dottie? “It’s a message of love to the kitten’s mother Dottie,” said Teauri Ramirez, owner of Dottie Jr., her mother and her five siblings. “God works in mysterious ways and if it meant something special to someone, then I am all for it.”

All Cats On Deck

(image via: Judt)

Flickr user Judt‘s cat’s sibling will love you back… she can’t help it, she’s got a heart on her back! Softly stepping through the dappled shadows cast across a well-worn backyard deck, this cuddly caramel & white kitteh is lovin’ life and she’s not shy about showing it.

(image via: Why Evolution Is True)

Every caring pet owner knows it’s not necessary to wear your heart on your sleeve but it doesn’t hurt either. These graphic (literally) displays of affection, on the other hand, are fascinating to observe even though those who display them are oblivious to their existence. Treat your pets well and they’ll be sure to show you love, even if you can’t see it.