Small but Beautiful: Showcase of Tiny Houses

Have you ever dreamed of being financially free, with no mortgage and just a handful of bills coming in each month? Of not having to clean and care for a moderate to large home? People who give up the conventional American lifestyle to live in tiny houses get to do just that. At first you might think that living in such a small space just isn’t possible – but it’s easy to get bitten by the tiny house bug when you see one example after the other of people making it work. Tiny House Blog is the perfect place to go for lots of inspiration. Here are three examples of diverse tiny houses featured on the blog, including a tiny house on wheels, a gypsy wagon and a school bus.

Tammy and Logan’s Tiny House

Tammy Strobel lives with her husband Logan in this house by Portland Alternative Dwellings. Built on an 8-by-16-foot trailer, the house measures about 128 square feet – smaller than many people’s bedrooms in conventional houses. While Tammy and Logan don’t have a full bathroom or kitchen in this house, many other tiny houses do.

Kootenay Lake Gypsy Wagon

This adorable little gypsy wagon in the woods looks like something out of a fairytale. Most of the materials used to build it were recycled, keeping building costs very low – about $8,000 over several years. Measuring 8 by 20 feet, the wagon contains a three-burner cooking stove, a wood stove, and a lounge/bed with built-in storage. It’s fully wired and has an RV exterior plug.

Eliza Brownhome Converted Bus

Would you imagine that a couple and three small children could live together in a school bus – comfortably? ‘BluebirdMama’ went from a 3,000-square-foot home to a 40-foot converted school bus that has been fitted with a kitchen, a queen-sized bed and two child beds, play areas and a bathroom with a chemical toilet. See lots more photos of the bus, dubbed ‘Eliza Brownhome’, here.

Learn How to Build Your Own

Intrigued? After checking out the many types of tiny houses that are possible on Tiny House Blog, see just how simple the process of designing and building your own tiny house can be at Tiny House Design. This blog focuses more on the technical aspects of tiny house living, from finding land and meeting local regulations to choosing a trailer for mobile houses. It also offers lots of free tiny house plans. For even more inspiration, check out Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, too.