Green Infographics: 14 Facts About the Environment

Why You Should Carpool

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This infographic tells us why we should carpool instead of driving to work alone with startling facts. For example, did you know that there are now over a billion cars on the planet, and that they emit up to 5 billion tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere each year?

Will Going Green Save You Money?

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If you’ve ever wondered whether making environmentally choices is too expensive, check out this infographic, which examines the financial effects of green choices throughout your lifetime from childhood to retirement.

How Does a Hybrid Engine Work?

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You probably already know that hybrid cars combine the internal combustion engine of conventional cars with a battery electric drive system to save gas and reduce emissions. But what does that mean? Check out the details here.

The Obama Energy Agenda and Gas Prices

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Find out how President Obama plans to manage America’s energy including increasing domestic oil production, improving fuel economy standards for our cars, and investing in cleaner public transit – and how these things will affect gas prices – with this infographic from the White House.

Home Gardening in the United States

(image via: mother nature network) took a report on home gardening in the United States and turned it into this bright, colorful, easy-to-understand infographic.