Green Infographics: 14 Facts About the Environment

How to Feed the World Sustainably

(image via: world watch)

Some big agribusinesses like Monsanto defend their harmful practices by claiming that industrial agriculture can feed more people than an agroecological system, which considers the many ripple effects of large-scale farming. This infographic from World Watch explains why that’s just not true.

How Green is the iPad?

(image via: mashable)

Technology can be both helpful and harmful, and it’s important for consumers to consider how their purchases affect the world. This infographic by examines the iPad’s components, the emissions used to produce, transport and sell it, its power usage and how it can be recycled.

What’s Watt in Wind?

(image via: infographics archive)

If you’ve ever been confused by the technical aspects of wind power, like just how much power a single turbine can produce, this infographic will answer some questions.

How to Avoid Greenwashing

(image via: infographics archive)

Don’t be fooled by companies that just want to make some cash by claiming to be green when they’re not. Learn the seven ways in which companies commonly greenwash their products and services including hidden trade-offs, vagueness, false labels and bold lies.