27 Space-Saving Tricks and Techniques for Tiny Houses

Built-In Benches with Storage Underneath


(image via: design dump)

Built-in furniture that’s made specifically for the dimensions of your space will save a lot more room than store-bought furniture – especially when you can work storage into the design, as pictured here.

Fold-Up Clothes Drying Racks


(image via: ballard designs)

Most tiny houses and apartments don’t have room for a washer and dryer. While going to a laundromat may be inevitable, you can hand-wash some items and hang them to dry with compact laundry drying racks that fold up against the wall when not in use. This one was made by Ballard Designs; see 15 more at Apartment Therapy.

Drawers and Even Kitchens Hidden in Stairs



(image via: jpda, idhea.cz)

Make stairs do double-duty – like hosting drawers or even a kitchenette. Architect Dalibor Hlavacek transformed a minuscule attic apartment into a comfortable family home thanks to creative thinking like building the kitchen into the stairs. Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture made a New York City studio apartment much more efficient by turning the stairs into a dresser.

Amazing Space-Saving Design Details


(image via: table direct)

When looking to save space, don’t forget the details! This clever knife set is just one example of how you can reduce the space that various items throughout your house take up – because every millimeter really does make a difference. Each of the knives in this nesting set by TableDirect fits inside the next so the whole set takes up just a little more room than the largest knife in the set.