Branch Out With15 Home Furnishings Inspired by Trees

Log Bowls by Loyal Loot Collective

(images via: freshome)

Fallen tree branches and trunks have been reclaimed by Doha Chebib of the Loyal Loot Collective and turned into beautiful decorative bowls with glossy painted centers. Finished with a water-based, furniture-grade acrylic paint, the bowls are great for corralling small items or just putting on display.

Recycled Christmas Tree Tables

(images via: dornob)

What if we could make better use of the millions of Christmas trees that are discarded every January? Some communities turn these trees into reefs or wood chips, but London-based Fabien Cappello cuts and carves them into quirky wood furniture with lots of personality.

Module MGX Table

(images via: mgx by materialize)

Here’s another cool table concept using the 3D printing techniques from MGX by Materialise. Like the Fractal Table, Module.MGX by Wertel Oberfell and Mattias Bär resembles tree branches, but in this case the surface is solid and the tables fit together to form modular arrangements.

Ceramic Cups

(images via: chris koens)

This adorable concept for stacking sets of cups, by Chris Koens, alternates branches or colored birds as the handles to create a tree trunk shape.