Sky High: Stunning Observation Tower Shoots Upward

Towering above the Dzintaru Park in Jurmala, Latvia, this sky-high structure by ARHIS rewards all those who take the time to climb its many steps with a stunning view of its natural surroundings, including the sea, and even the high rises of the nearby city of Riga.

Reaching nearly 120 feet into the air, the observation tower is made of galvanized metal and pine wood trusses that help it blend in with its wooded environment. 203 stair risers take visitors to subsequent platforms, 12 of which feature cage-like balconies from which to enjoy the views along the way to the top.

The structure opened to the public in May 2010 after a long delay in which its intended location was changed from one park to another, requiring a redesign. A discreet cellular antenna was added, providing two functions in one and preventing the eyesore of a free-standing cellular tower.

Illumination at night takes the tower from a natural-looking structure in a similarly-colored forest to an almost urban, clearly man-made creation standing like a beacon in the intimidating darkness of the woods.