Forest for the Trees: An Endless Forest in the City

Stuck in the urban jungle and longing for greener places? We’ve all been there, but it’s not always easy to sneak away and take a short trip to the forest. DUS Architects made it possible to take a break from the concrete jungle and get back to nature with its uniquely wonderful project called Unlimited Urban Woods.

The Unlimited Urban Woods was a temporary public art pavilion at the Oosterdokskade, Amsterdam. The unassuming box took up only a few square meters of ground space, but inside sat a forest that went on forever.

Upon stepping into the box, visitors were greeted with an impossibly lush and full wooded area. The effect was achieved with one full-size tree and some strategically angled mirrors. The image of the tree was repeated in the mirrors over and over, making it feel as though one could simply walk through these woods for eternity.

The exhibit was an unexpected bit of green in the city, giving passers-by a chance to take a break from their normal busy day and simply relax for a while in a calm, green space. Even if the forest wasn’t real, the sense of being in a vast space certainly was.