Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl was born in Washington D.C. to Nancy and Paul Heigl, and raised in Connecticut.  She is the youngest child in her family; she has a sister, Meg, and a brother, John (Holt).  She also had another brother, Jason, who passed away at age 15 after being involved in a car accident.

Katherine’s path to stardom began at age 9 when an aunt used her as a model in ads for her hair care product line.  Katherine’s mom sent the photos to talent agencies and soon Wilhelmina agency signed her.  Katherine became a model for print catalogs like Sears and soon moved to commercials. She dropped out of New Canaan high school as a sophomore to head to Hollywood and pursue her dreams.

She continued to model, but started landing roles in Television and soon hit the big screen in her first film “That Night”. In 1999 Katherine landed the lead in Television series “Roswell”, which ran for 3 years.  Katherine had a string of successful jobs, but her biggest breakthrough would come when she signed on for “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2005.

In June of 2006, Josh Kelley, who she met on the set of his music video, proposed to her. While engaged, they chose to live apart: She said of their decision: “I think I just wanted to save something for the actual marriage… I wanted there to be something to make the actual marriage different than the dating or the courtship.”

2007 was a banner year for Katherine: she starred in the smash hit “Knocked Up”, won an Emmy, and to end the year, she got married.  She continued to work on “Grey’s” and also churn out several box office hits.

In September of 2009, she and Josh announced that they were adopting a special needs child from Korea.  They named their daughter Nancy Leigh (Naleigh)  after her mother and her sister, who was also adopted from Korea.  She joked: “I wanted to tell everybody so you don’t think I stole a Korean baby,”

In spring of 2010, Katherine shared that she wouldn’t be returning to “Grey’s Anatomy” so she can focus on her family.

Aside from her acting career, Katherine also runs the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, which she created to honor the memory of her late brother – who was an animal lover. The charity’s main focus is helping with animal rescue efforts in the greater Los Angeles area.  

DOB: 11/24/78
Marriage:  Josh Kelley 12/23/07

Children: Nancy-Leigh (Naleigh) Kelley 11/23/2008

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