toddler haircuts

14 Absolutely Adorable Toddler Haircuts

The struggle is real when trying to find flattering and easy-to-maintain toddler haircuts! My daughter has hair falling just below her shoulders and while we are trying to grow it out, I’m also chomping at the bit to cut it. Her hair is fine (thanks to my husband!), so I’ve been scouring the web to find toddler haircuts that will work for her type of hair. And even moms of boys know the pain and frustration of trying to get that cowlick to work in our favor. I’ve done a ton of research and I’ve found out that there are plenty of stylish cuts out there for little boys, too.

Looking for a new way to style your toddler’s hair? Whether you’re planning on giving your toddler a hip, shorter haircut or you’re just looking for ways to keep his or her natural waves more manageable, my list of adorable toddler haircuts will help you decide which look is just right for your kid.

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