Big Girl Outfit: Tan, White, Cream, Silver, Gray

Big Girl Outfit from The Kids' Dept. for Momtastic.

Hello, everyone! It’s Maddy from The Kids’ Dept. with another dose of outfit inspiration! I’m not going to lie: my favorite part about having a little girl is dressing her exactly how I wish I was able to dress myself at that age. Fortunately, Aurora is way more fashionable than I was as a kid, so she’s a huge fan of all the glitter and accessories that make their way into her wardrobe. Today’s board is a sparkly neutral look that I would totally put her in if she were old enough for big girl outfits. The sweater dress is absolutely to die for, don’t you think?


What’s your favorite part of this outfit?


Jeweled Bow Headband

Sparkle Trim Sweater Dress

Lace Trim Cami

Sparkle Skinny Cords

Silver Pearl Nail Polish

Sequin Backpack

Canvas Glitter Sneakers

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