New Octonauts Playset Teaches About The Environment Through Play

It’s always a good time to learn about the environment… and have fun

Teaching young children about the environment and the critical role each of us play in its ability to thrive has never been more imperative. Protecting habitats teaches bigger lessons around compassion and the consequences of everyday actions.


Octonauts takes these ideas and puts them into concrete practice via an animated series and inspired play items (meaning kids can learn through entertainment, play and fun). Specifically, they achieve this through exploring themes like bravery, friendship and creature rescue storylines, which help kids learn about the things they’re scared of while elucidating actions they can take.

So let’s dive deeper into what the Octonauts do. The animated series is based on a team of adventurers who explore the world’s oceans, rescue aquatic creatures and protect their habitats from the bustling eco-system along the Amazon River to the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench.

Deploying a fleet of aquatic vehicles, Captain Barnacles, daredevil ex-pirate, Kwazii, medic Peso and the rest of the crew embark on missions around the globe before returning safely to their home base. Responding to a range of new dangers across the globe due to climate change, the Octonauts expand their mission to explore, rescue and protect beyond the sea… onto land.

While screentime is an inevitable reality (and dare-we-say a necessity), you can also help drive these critical messages home with Octonauts play items like the Octonauts Octoray Transforming Playset ($140).

We love this new playset because it transforms from a jet to a mobile HQ with all the bells and whistles imaginable. Further, it comes loaded with lights and over 25 sounds and phrases. It also features an opening ramp, moveable lift and spinning engines. A 3″ Captain Barnacles figure, three creatures (Chinese Sturgeon, Giant Panda and Chinese Giant Salamander), a detachable mini-ray vehicle and mission card are also all included for hours of independent play.

The figures can take the elevator up to the mini-ray vehicle and the mini-ray is detachable so the included Captain Barnacles figure can ride inside… children can simply drop the ramp and he can even slide down for a quick exit!

The Octoray Transforming HQ Playset works with all Gups, Terra-Gups and other Octonauts Playsets so kids can build and expand on their home play adventures as they flex their imagination.

The Octonauts range can be purchased at all major retailers and most independent stores, including Big W, Target, Mr Toys, ToyWorld, Toymate and more. You can also check out the full range here.