Magic Mixies Are Here To Add Some Enchantment To Our Children’s Lives

Who doesn’t love magic?

You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate magic. It’s something that people of all ages can marvel at. After-all there’s nothing more inspiring than when the seemingly impossible becomes possible before our very eyes. And that’s where the world of Magic Mixies comes in.


Children are sure to be captivated by Magic Mixies, while us adults can bask in the glory of them being entertained without our involvement (#parentgoals).

Designed for kids ages five to seven, children will be amazed when they see what magically appears from the mist when they finish casting their spells with Magic Mixies. To kick things off, Magic Mixies has webisodes on YouTube to give background and inspire play.

In short, however, Magic Mixies Crystal Ball (available in pink or blue for $140) allows kids to create their very own fortune-telling magic by performing a “creation spell” using the light-up interactive magic wand. They’ll then marvel at how the crystal ball “magically” responds to their wand’s movements.

For each step of the “creation spell” they will need to master the correct wand movement and say the magic word for that step – this is a great way to not only teach coordination, but principles of cause and effect via the guise of fun.

The first step in the magic process involves “awakening” the crystal ball and summoning real magical mist. Kids can then teach the crystal ball how to tell fortunes before saying the magical words ‘MAGICUS MIXUS’ and bringing the Mixie to life. Then, as the mist clears, the Magic Mixie appears (a.k.a. a cute plush toy pet that kids can find once they remove the top of the crystal ball).

From there, children can use the included magic wand to interact with the Magic Mixie by performing spells, playing a game together and having their fortune told. The Magical Crystal Ball can be reset at any time to perform the mist-filled reveal again. It can also be used as a nightlight for bedtime each night (perfect timing since children this age are often scared to sleep in the dark and/or alone).

There are over 80 lights, sounds and reactions for children to discover as they use the interactive wand, crystal ball and Magic Mixie.

Magic Mixies can be purchased at all major retailers and some independent stores including Big W, Target, Kmart, Myer, Mr Toys and Toyworld. You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.