Christmas Shopping Made Easy With Bluey

We’ve got your preschoolers covered 

If rainbow bright is the new black in fashion, Bluey is the new Barney (hands up if you’re a ‘90s kid!) in the children’s space. In fact, the #1 Australian children’s series has arguably become one of the most beloved across the globe, which is exactly why toys inspired by the show make for no-brainer Christmas gifts for preschoolers (we’ve got you covered because, well, mum brain). 


It can be tricky these days to instill even the most basic core values in our kids — and have them stick —but Bluey’s quirky and heartwarming stories can help us get there through fun, song, dance and imaginative play. Bluey is an adorable blue heeler who loves to turn everyday family life into playful adventures (sounds familiar, huh?).

So what are some of our favorite options? Any caretaker knows that children love to dance.  Bluey Dance & Play Plush ($110) allows kids to play along with Bluey as she hops, waves and dances. The plush toy has 55 phrases and four songs. There are various game modes to keep things engaging, and independent play going strong; like “Copycat” and “Dance Mode.” 

Children can also recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show with the Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse ($170). This Playset is huge at a whopping 43cm tall and 76cm wide when you open it up. But that’s not all. It comes fully furnished with the same furniture as the TV show. There are three storeys to explore and when you press Bluey’s toy octopus in the kids’ bedroom, Bluey’s house comes to life with lights and over 50 sounds and phrases. There is even a moving dancefloor where kids can attach figurines and move them with a lever to recreate the opening dance scene of the show. 

The Bluey range can be purchased at all major retailers and most independent stores including Big W, Target, Kmart, Myer, Mr Toys, ToyWorld, Toymate, and more. You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.