We are big ocean lovers in this family – always spending lots of time at the beach and my girls are always playing and making their own adventures at the beach while my husband takes photos. I love watching them use their imaginations! Our girls have always enjoyed watching Octonauts.

Octonauts are a team of adventurers who explore the world’s many ecosystems, rescue creatures and protect their environments.   


As part of the new series: Octonauts: Above & Beyond, the team are responding to a new range of missions across the globe which introduces them to new creatures and places to explore and has inspired a whole new line of toys!

There are quite a few exciting toys in the range, but the major toy your little ones are going to want to know about is the Octopod Playset. Home to your Octo-Crew, this set comes with Captain Barnacles, 3 creatures and a Mission card for your kids to create their own adventure. It also features a Net Launcher and Claw that you can rescue the toys with and a slide for easy exiting! The other ones they will love is the Figure and Vehicle sets. Each pack comes with an 8cm Octonauts Figurine as well as an iconic GUP vehicle from the show. There are 3 to collect on launch including Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Paani!

Other toys in the range include the GUP racers, mini figurines, mini plush and the Adventure Pack which is basically an Episode in a Box. With four to collect on launch, each Adventure Pack comes with an Octonauts Figurine, a creature, an environment and mission card – all based on an Octonauts episode


 These toys give your little ones the ability to build a collection and spark their imagination to recreate the Octonauts adventures at home as well as teaching them about the importance of protecting and caring for the environment and the creatures that live there! You might even get to drink your coffee in peace while they play and enjoy their toys!

 The range is available in Big W and Target stores now.