Mommy Must-Have: Rollplay 6V Mini Countryman Powered Ride-On

I’ve never seen children light up the way they did when the Rollplay 6V Mini Countryman Powered Ride-On was delivered. We unpacked and assembled it right before my father’s 70th birthday in the Hamptons, so there was a ton of space to take it for a spin and all the kiddos there were wheeling and dealing with each other for time in the car. At one point my husband even squeezed in to take our toddler who is just over one for a ride (even though he’s over the weight limit by a lot so….don’t try that at home!).


The battery powered car reaches forward and reverse speeds of 2.5 mph, which if you have a three-plus year old feels like cruising in a race care. It’s worth noting that even though you might think the car comes ready-to-drive – it certainly arrives in a gigantic box! – there is about half an hour of assembly. It’s totally worth it though. Besides actually moving like a car, it comes with a bunch of bells and whistles like headlights, engine sounds and a horn.