Let me ask you a question that I’m pretty sure I know the answer to…. How many times have you watched Bluey and thought, that’s happened in our family!? Happens to us all the time and I think it’s one of the most endearing things about the series! Your kids can relate, and you can relate to the different scenarios played out on the show.


If you don’t know who Bluey is, she’s a loveable blue heeler dog who turns everyday family life into endless playful adventures. My girls love recreating some of these adventures and creating their own with their Bluey toys. This year, Kobi (our youngest) started Prep and has been so thrilled to join her big sisters a couple of days a week as they head off to school — so you can imagine their excitement when they learnt that the latest collection of toys from Bluey are school-themed.

The hero from this collection is the School Playset, which opens up to three play areas — fold out the walls to find a classroom, Cozy Cove and Story Stage. It comes with a Chloe figurine, as well as Bluey (of course!), wearing her backpack. There’s a sticker sheet included to personalise and make the set your own, and accessories to play dress ups with Chloe and Bluey.

Another school-themed hit is Bluey’s Bus, which transports the Heeler’s around Bluey’s hometown of Brisbane in the show. The set comes with Bluey and Bingo wearing Chunky Chimp T-shirts. The bus has enough space to play with six of the 7cm figurines — so if you have some already, or buy a few others from the Bluey range, you can make bus games extra fun. Your little ones can also choose a destination at the front of the bus, and it even comes with a Wackadoo Extraroo (which is a bus pass in Bluey’s world, in case you didn’t know!).

Other cool Bluey toys available in this range include Rusty & Bluey’s Go-Kart; a four-pack of figurines including Bluey, Jack, Pretzel & Mackenzie, who come with their own lunchboxes; The Terriers figurines three-pack; and a range of plush toys like Bluey and Bingo wearing school bags, as well as Winton and Lila; so your little one has something to cuddle at story time.

The Bluey range is full of fun and will spark imaginative play with your kids — the figures are just the right size for little hands!

Bluey toys are available now at major retailers and independent stores.